• Jeff Johnson

Creative Branding

Placemat Advertising.

It is a great way to be in front of a captive audience for a minimum of 20-30 minutes.

Where can you brand your name in front of thousands of potential customers for a low annual cost? Have you seen the cost of Radio, TV, Billboards, Magazines or other print media?

The key to successful branding is REPETITION.  The more customers that see your name, the greater awareness you build for your company. Have you ever wondered why Pepsi and Coke continue to brand themselves? It's because if one of them stops customers start thinking one of 2 things...1. They are having financial problems or 2. They are going out of business.

Why Placemats?

It's has a readership rate of over 85%.

It's an effective and successful way of getting your message out about your product or service.

You will capture all ages.

You can choose your restaurants based upon your demographics or just go for all of them.


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